What an extraordinary year 2023 has been for Longevity Nexum! Not only have we been able to empower more lives within our clinic than the year before, but our team has hit some major personal goals as well! Let’s take a look back on the 2023 year for our team and Longevity Nexum:

  • 186% more sessions in December than we did in January: Giving the gift of Longevity to more people everyday!
  • 2 new team members: Our Longevity Nexum family is growing and becoming stronger.

Although these numbers are very exciting for our team at Longevity Nexum as they reflect the clients we get to help, there were many other incredible experiences and milestones our team has achieved to define a great year!

Starting at the beginning of the year, our Kinesiologist Mel was able to travel across the way to New Zealand to celebrate her honeymoon with her husband, Spencer. Two weeks of exploring the grounds, hiking, and making great memories was not only a great way to start off the year but to celebrate their marriage!

As we moved into March and April, our clinic director, Mitchell Hooper, won the Arnold Strongman Classic 2023 and only a month later made history being the first ever Canadian to claim the World’s Strongest Man title!  These two wins in itself are major but it makes a difference knowing you are only the 4th person to ever win both the Arnolds and Worlds within the same year. Way to go Mitchell!

June was a big month for our whole team! It was the month that our team expanded, and we hired on our third team member and Kinesiologist, Chelsey! A big milestone for the team but an even bigger one for Chelsey as she was hired on fresh out of university to start her career. Shortly after Chelsey started at Longevity, our director Mitchell and his wife moved into their first house they have made a beautiful home!

September was another big month for our team as we got to start it off celebrating Mitchell and Ashley’s wedding. Not only did we get to celebrate their love, but we also got to meet some of our team members from across the way – Longevity Australia! Our Kinesiologist, Chelsey, got back into the sport she loves as a coach this time for the Georgian Cubs Volleyball Club in Barrie. And, our Kinesiologist, Mel, finished off the month with a marathon in Bracebridge.

And our grand finale? We started the hiring process and hired on our fourth team member to round out the year!  As we say goodbye to the 2023 year, we cannot help but look back at not only the accomplishments that Longevity Nexum has made, but also look at how much our team members have grown!



Here is to an even bigger 2024 year with more accomplishments, memories and the continued pursuit of our mission to bring life-changing results for all of our clients. We will always be providing a new meaning of movement for life.