As we head into our last weekend of the summer, I like to think about what this time of year used to mean to me. When I was in school – elementary school through to university – around this time of year I would actually be excited for school to start back up again. Not necessarily excited for the long study nights ahead, but to put myself back in that environment, seeing my friends more frequently and getting back into a routine.

Growing up I was always an organized person (or at least I like to think of myself as one). I enjoyed buying that new agenda for the school year, adding my classes to the calendar and all assignments or exam due dates. All of this allowed me to have a clear vision of what I was about to get myself into moving forward. It provided me with some kind of comfort because it allowed me to feel in control of my life and that it wasn’t controlling me.

As the semester progressed, it wouldn’t take long for my agenda to be pushed to the side, the days on my calendar stopped getting crossed off and that sense of control started to dissipate. This was mostly apparent in university as it was a completely new way of learning, a new environment and more intense than high school. That is when I knew I needed to add something else that I was in full control of into my schedule to help manage my time and get that calendar up to date. That’s when exercise quickly became my favourite part of my schedule. It’s important to note that this wasn’t the first time I added exercise to my schedule, but it was the first time I viewed it differently.

Obviously, with my undergraduate degree, the importance of exercise through your lifetime was always talked about and growing up in an active family, it was always a part of my routine. What changed for me at school was that I wasn’t only using it as a tool for my health, but as a way to excel in the other parts of my day – school, work, social interactions, etc.

As soon as I started to view exercise as a tool to get me back on track with school, I noticed huge improvements in my productivity, time management, energy and motivation. Scheduling my exercise into my routine allowed me to have an outlet in the day to focus on myself and not feel guilty about it. Even in the middle of finals, when all you think about is studying, needing to study and feel guilty if you are not studying – I always knew that I had at least 1 hour each day to give my mind a break (which is desperately needed) and I had more energy getting back into studying.

Our team Registered Kinesiologists at Longevity Nexum will provide you with that outlet to keep you in control of your days! We have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to exercise prescription and ensuring that we are consistent so you will continue to see the benefits. I know that I benefited from it when I was in school which is why I want to reach out to other students and professionals so they can see and feel all the same benefits.

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