One of the many pleasures of working at Longevity Nexum, downtown Barrie, is that I get to see my clients work towards their goals and exceed them! Our team at Longevity Nexum are believers in setting goals when you first come for the initial consultation. Setting goals helps to create a clear pathway that both the client and Registered Kinesiologist will follow to ensure they are working together to not only reach those goals but exceed them!

Trish began working with me at the end of June because she wanted to start putting her health in her own hands. Trish is a new Nana and wants to make sure she will be able to play and stay active with her grandkids for years to come. At the beginning of our exercise journey together, we focussed a lot on education when it comes to exercise and building confidence. Trish has been active all her life but she knew that she was missing something when it came to her exercise routine. We asked Trish to reflect on why she initially contacted us and here is what she said,

 “As a relatively healthy retired woman, I want to ensure that I continue moving in a way that will help to maintain (and probably improve) my strength, flexibility, and balance.  I want to be an active Nana…. for years to come!”

After covering all main concerns that presented at the time, Trish put her trust in me that having two supervised sessions per week would be the ideal strategy to get her where she wanted to be – a strong and healthy Nana. Our strategy started by covering all main movement patterns and educating Trish on how to perform these movements properly and safely. Within these last two months we have not only seen an improvement in her strength, but her self-confidence and drive to keep going has gone through the roof!

Within 6 weeks Trish went from learning how to hinge properly with 20-pound dumbbells to now deadlifting from the ground with 115 pounds for multiple reps, immaculate form, and missing her training sessions on her days off! Here is what Trish has to say about her training sessions now,

“Now that I have started with Longevity Nexum, I am feeling the benefits! I feel stronger and better educated in regards to specific muscle movements and what muscles I should be engaging.  I like the thought that I’m doing something to help myself in terms of health and wellness.”

Getting the opportunity to watch my wonderful clients work towards their goals, improve their self-confidence, and switch their mindset when it comes to exercise is exactly why I do what I do. Our goal at Longevity Nexum is to create the behaviour change within our clients that will last long-term so they can continuously reap the numerous benefits of exercise. I feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful journey for each and every one of my clients here in Barrie.

It is never too late to put your health first and our team at Longevity Nexum is excited to work with you and get you to exceeding your goals! The last question we asked Trish was what she would say to someone like herself to help them make that leap into putting their health first, here is what she said,


“Many women have no problem spending money on cosmetic/surface ‘improvements’ which provide no long-term benefits. They are missing the big picture.  The big picture is being the healthiest version of yourself for as long as you can!!”

Thank you, Trish, for putting your trust in me from the beginning. We have worked hard together to get you to where you want to be and we will continue to set new goals and exceed them!

If you are, or someone you know is wanting to put their health in their own hands send this their way! Our Registered Kinesiologists are experts when it comes to exercise prescription – let us get you to where you want to be!

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