In the realm of today’s healthcare, it is all too common to leave an appointment wishing you had more time or had the opportunity to ask more questions. This is where Longevity Nexum enters into the room … we are here to offer just that to our clients. With our on-on-one 60 minute sessions starting right with the initial consultation, we are here to redefine the norm. Today, we want to shine a light on our client, Conor, someone who had a similar healthcare experience that left him with many questions and little hope.

Conor started with Longevity Nexum back in July as a strongman athlete who was unable to continue training due to pain. As someone who was so used to training for events, seeing results, and competing, having an injury hold you back is frustrating. Especially as someone who is constantly thinking about progressing other people’s health as a personal trainer in the UK.

Conor had come to Longevity Nexum experiencing chronic pain in his right hip. Significant enough to affect the power generation in his right leg – something that is very important for strongman training. Not only was Conor experiencing an imbalance in power generation from one side to another, he was experiencing constant pain while training.

Working together, Conor and Chelsey set out clear goals to move comfortably and pain free in order to return to normal exercise and eventually compete in strongman competitions again. This consisted of meeting once a week over zoom for one-on-one supervised sessions and daily homework given by Chelsey.

“After years of hospital visits and different physios, I thought I would never get rid of the pain in my hip to enjoy doing the sport I love until I started doing sessions with Chelsey at Longevity. Only a couple months in and already my hip has eased off and I understand what I need to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Conor’s progress is a direct reflection of his trust and commitment to Chelsey and Longevity. His sessions with Chelsey last for a full hour with a personalized approach, ensuring no aspect of his health was overlooked. As we started to see progress with his initial concerns i.e. hip pain and lack of power generation, they were able to expand their session focus.

Within the 5 months that Conor and Chelsey have spent together, Conor is back to his normal training outside their sessions and even exceeding the loads he was at beforehand… pain free! This has provided them to work as a team and expand their focus to encompass his full health. Moving forward, Conor and Chelsey will have more full body sessions involving both resistance training and aerobic training to create a well-rounded strategy to prevent injuries in the future.

The secret to Conor’s success lay in the personalized and adaptable one-on-one sessions that Longevity Nexum offers – no matter where you are in the world! The clear conversations that Conor and Chelsey had between their sessions allowed Chelsey to focus attention to where it needed to be based on how the body was responding.

Conor’s commitment to exercise within their hour sessions and his personal training, has not only helped him achieve his initial goals, but has empowered him to set new goals and embrace the use of exercise as medicine.

Let us help you meet your goals and continue making more, call Longevity Nexum on 1-800-963-4409 to learn more.

Written by Chelsey Torrance