Longevity Nexum – Team Retreat 2.0 ft. the Aussie!

Have you been into a business where you can really feel the connection between the employees? How does it change your experience when you can tell that each employee WANTS to be there? At Longevity Nexum, downtown Barrie, we want to share the importance of team culture with you!

Our team at Longevity Nexum spent the weekend together at a beautiful cottage in Honey Harbour! We learned, played, bonded and created inspiration to ensure that we are always putting our best foot forward. Yes, we do this so we can grow closer as a team, but it truly comes down to the service we provide for our current and future clients. We want to become the best Kinesiologists who provide the best exercise prescription so that our clients not only reach, but they exceed their goals!

The Importance of Culture

The Longevity Nexum team at Retreat 2.0

When talking with any member of our team, it is evident that CULTURE is one of the most important parts of our job. How could you love what you do if you didn’t love coming to work everyday? That is why we take the time as a team to focus on building relationships, motivating, developing and inspiring.

Retreat 2.0 was extra special as we had our Co-Director, Jarrat Wood, visiting from Australia. For those who don’t know, Jarrat is the founder of Longevity Exercise Physiology and one of the reasons we have it here in Canada today. Longevity in Australia currently has 57 staff members, 13 locations and 9  years’ experience. Jarrat embarked ont his journey as he saw there was a major gap in the Australian healthcare system that needed to be filled.

And so, he did.

Although there was a lot of fun that was had this weekend, the main reason we do these retreats is to come out better than when we went in. Sharing this weekend together allows us to have a deeper look into the past, present and future of Longevity Nexum. We reflect on how we can provide the best service to each person coming through our doors.

The topics that are tackled at these kinds of retreats are specifically chosen to help our team so that we can better help our clients. We go through new evidence that shows the power of exercise and how we can help people like you. We deepen our understanding on the body through injuries, chronic conditions, health concerns, performance and prevention.

“The work we’re doing now is better than the work we were doing 6 months ago. And the work we will be doing 6 months from this point, will be better than the work we are doing today.”  – Simon Sinek

The Change

Our team at Longevity Nexum strive to show the passion we share for what we do. There is a reason we operate the way we do. Offering our time to each individual so we can make sure what they can’t do today, they can do tomorrow. We are the health care professionals that have the time to listen and the resources to use to hit all points of health.

The evidence is there, all that is left to do is to come get the results!

Written by Chelsey Torrance