A client came into our clinic and his primary goal was to reduce his blood pressure and improve his health so he could continue to play with his kids and perform activities of daily living. He has been struggling the last year with high blood pressure and he wants to get it under control so he can be there for his kids through his 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. He couldn’t play soccer with his kids, dizziness and shortness of breath began affecting his work life and constant headaches became a daily distraction.

This is a common story at Longevity Nexum, and thankfully this client reached out to see what we could do to help him – using personalized exercise prescription as medicine.

During his initial visit we explained to him that we can guarantee a reduction of 10mmHg on systolic blood pressure and a reduction in his daily symptoms. We can also guarantee an improvement in strength and cardiovascular fitness, not only reducing blood pressure symptoms but reducing the risk of all cause mortality and disability. He came in 3 times a week for supervised resistance training and did 150 minutes of aerobic activity throughout the week. His aerobic activity consisted of walking his dog for 20 minutes each day.

After 2 months of training we saw a 10% improvement in cardiovascular fitness and a similar increase in strength. More importantly, he started to feel stronger, more energized, and the flight up the stairs no longer took his breath away. He has seen a decrease in his blood pressure and significant improvement in his overall health. 

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Longevity Nexum staff who helped cure high blood pressure