To all the aspiring Kinesiologists who commenced their careers as fresh graduates eager to immerse themselves in applying their skills, and who have now gained experience in the field—having navigated through various potential avenues—finally settling on one, wondering if this is truly the path they envisioned. We had a conversation with Mel Williams, our Clinic Manager at Longevity Nexum, to explore her journey as a Kinesiologist and her experience working with us.

Upon graduating with a postgraduate degree in Exercise Science, I was thrilled to start applying my knowledge in the field that I was passionate about. Approaching the culmination of my education, I believed cardiac rehab was where I’d find myself. However, after graduation, my career led me to work with the Military as a Fitness Instructor for our troops. Although contributing to the health and physical wellness of our Canadian Armed Forces was fulfilling, I yearned to impact the broader Canadian population’s health and wellness. Shifting into a teaching role in Health Promotion, I stumbled upon a job posting for Longevity Nexum. Initially, I thought it seemed too good to be true—a position that seemed like every Kinesiologist’s dream. For me, it encompassed everything I desired—an independent private clinic dedicated to helping Canadians achieve optimal health through personalized exercise prescription. I joined the Longevity Nexum team in September 2022, just six months after its establishment.

Working at Longevity Nexum offers three key elements that create an optimal working environment:

  1. Our impact in extending and enriching our clients’ lives:

There’s an unmatched satisfaction in witnessing the profound difference a Kinesiologist can make in someone’s life. Understanding the underlying motivation behind each client’s goals distinguishes us from merely setting SMART goals to enabling them to actively participate in family activities, experience first-time surfing at 50, engage in play with grandchildren, or overcome health challenges. I never imagined I’d be in a role where I could form meaningful connections with each client and witness their transformative journeys.

2. Boundless opportunities for growth:

Leaving behind my previous government position, where my potential seemed limited by years served, I embraced the risk of joining a novel Kinesiology clinic open for only six months. This decision has proven to be one of the most significant leaps in my professional and personal growth. Witnessing the exceptional growth of each team member and the company at large highlights that there’s no set endpoint in our journey here.

3. Supportive team environment: 

A positive work environment is non-negotiable for me. The Longevity Nexum team is truly extraordinary. The unwavering support, care, and expertise each member contributes are invaluable. My experience in team

The Longevity Nexum Team – Chelsey, Mel and Mitchell

sports taught me that individual success translates to collective success, and vice versa. Longevity Nexum embodies this ethos, fostering an environment where each member’s growth and achievements are celebrated and supported.

Longevity Nexum has undoubtedly opened new opportunities not only to aid millions worldwide through exercise prescription but also to pave innovative paths for Kinesiologists striving for their utmost potential. I’m immensely excited about the future of the clinic, my team, and my own personal journey!

If you’re seeking the sign to embark on your health or career journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at or call Longevity Nexum at 1-800-963-4409.