2022 has been a BIG year for Longevity Nexum. With our doors opening only 8 months ago, we though we would take a look at the milestones that have taken us to where we are today.

April 11

Longevity Nexum finds a home. With large windows giving waterfront views and adjacent to Meridian Square, we couldn’t have asked for a better spot to open location #1.

Longevity Nexum clinic before renovations          Longevity Nexum after renovations

April 25 — first clients into Longevity

In the most intense 2 weeks of the year, the unit was turned from a concrete square to an operating clinic, ready for clients to walk through the door.

May 24-29 — Mitchell WSM

In less-than-ideal timing, Mitchell heads off to compete at Worlds Strongest Man just 1 month after opening the doors to Longevity Nexum. Thankfully, he made the most of it an ended up as the 8th strongest man in the world.

Mitchell Hooper at Worlds Strongest Man

June 28 — Jarrat comes to visit

The cofounder of Longevity Nexum, and the founder of Longevity Australia, Jarrat comes to visit the clinic!

August 29 — The Longevity team grows to 2

As we continued to grow, Mitchell needed help to handle the clients and brought on the second full time staff member, Mel!Melanie Williams on her first day of work

November 1 — Partnering with Chartwell Retirement homes

By November, the word had started to get out in the community and we partnered with the Chartwell Whispering Pines Retirement Home to provide weekly exercise for the residents

November 6 — Mel half marathon

Mitchell isn’t the only athlete at Longevity, and might not even be the best athlete out of the team of 2. Mel heads to Hamilton and runs a half marathon in a blistering pace of 1:45.

Mel at her half marathon

November 18 — Grand Opening

To celebrate the successful launch of Longevity Nexum, we hosted a grand opening and invited along our clients, families and business connections to the clinic for a catered event to build the community.

December 1 — Partner with Barrie CC

As word continued to spread throughout Barrie, we got in touch with the Barrie Golf and Country Club and became the Kinesiology provider for the club.