At our private clinic, Longevity Nexum located in Barrie, Ontario, our Kinesiologists promote a positive environment for our clients and staff. While our primary focus is providing exercise programs and treatment plans for our clients struggling with pain, injuries or chronic disease, we also believe it’s important for our clients to get to know a little more about us.

With Christmas right around the corner, I am going to share a brief insight of what my holiday traditions involve and how I will be spending my time this upcoming season.

For me, the holiday season is about doing things you love and spending time with the ones you care most about such as your family and friends. During the first snow fall, my husband and I with kick off the celebrations with an annual tree cutting adventure. It’s one of our favourite traditions and we love to involve new friends and family members as often as we can. To commemorate each Christmas together, we cut a little piece of the tree trunk and engrave the year and convert it into a tree ornament.

Of course, we always ensure to have a meal and exchange gifts with our immediate families on Christmas day. As a Kinesiologist, I truly value the act of movement for our health, especially during the holiday season when our schedules become limited. I believe that there is always time for our health which is why a nice winter walk in the outdoors on Christmas day is always on the itinerary. And what better way to share this time with others such as our family and many dogs.


While these are all annual traditions, we often find ourselves every Christmas season getting outside and being as active as possible whether it’s building a snowman, skiing, hiking through the forest or snowmobiling around Georgian Bay. If you’re looking for new traditions, ways to stay moving during the holidays or to exercise with your family, check out the blogs linked.


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