At Longevity Nexum Barrie, Ontario we treat a large variety of clients in various professions such as trade workers, office employees, emergency medical service workers to fellow allied health care professionals, athletes and younger individuals. 

The life of an Emergency Worker

Within the last two and half years, more than ever, our emergency service workers have been overly exhausted and putting in timeless hours providing the highest level or care for members of our community to ensure optimal health and safety from COVID-19. 

Given the nature of work demand, this population is more susceptible to burnout, injury or stress related psychological issues. 

Just as we would train an athlete to better perform at their sport and reduce the chance of injury, we take the same approach for our Emergency Service Workers and any other professions.

How can Longevity Nexum Health Emergency Service workers?

An important component of our treatment is to uncover what the daily life of our client entails and prescribe appropriately to ensure that while we treat the issue, we also improve the daily life of the patient.

At Longevity Nexum, we are also crucially aware of the difficulties and stress the Emergency Service Worker face on a daily basis. Their profession is not only mentally taxing, but also physically exhausting – having to deal with incredibly stressful high risk situations while carrying very heavy loads in awkward positions repeatedly or working under strenuous environments can be physically challenging.

Many of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists and Registered Kinesiologists have a significant amount of experience treating and training the Emergency Service Workers. We understand the difficulties they face on the job and understand how hard it can be to continue for long hours with constant back pain, worrying about what a shift might entail when shoulder pain is present or worrying about getting through another busy night shift.

The Longevity Nexum staff love and appreciate all the work the Emergency services provide to our community. As a token of our appreciation, we want to offer all of our services at a reduced cost, to all of those in the Emergency services needing treatment or ongoing training. This offer is available with any of our Exercise Physiologists or Registered Kinesiologists at any of our clinic located in downtown Barrie, Ontario.

We would love to help as much as we can to ensure that those who help and protect us everyday are as strong and pain free as possible. 

Clinical exercise physiologist Mitchell Hooper getting ready to extinguish a fire