At Longevity Nexum, we are always excited to brag about our clients by sharing an inspiring success story. Today, we shine a spotlight on Mohammad, whose constant pain has completely dissipated through his journey at Longevity Nexum.

The initial driver for Mohammad to book in with Longevity was his constant lower back pain. The pain was so much so that he could not sit on the ground from longer than 30 seconds without experiencing pain. As a father of two young children, this was something that needed to change! That’s where our team came into play.

“We set a goal to alleviate my back pain and improve strength and flexibility. The exercises have been designed to achieve these objectives.”

Mohammad started training with our Kinesiologist Chelsey, twice a week, where they created an individualized exercise strategy specifically designed to help his needs. Together, they found a way to not only focus on eliminating the pain that Mo had been feeling, but to also include some preventative measures in terms of long-term health.

“Chelsey is a Superstar! No more back pain for me. It’s been a great experience.”

Within just three months, staying consistent with the strategy and motivated to put the effort in, Mohammad went from constant, nagging lower back pain, to deadlifting 135 pounds for numerous reps and immaculate form! Not only is it huge progress to eliminate the back pain, but it allows for a shift of focus onto things Mohammad didn’t think was possible.

Mohammad has always wanted to get back into sports through a recreational league but was very nervous about the potential injuries that could come from it. As our sessions have progressed, we have been able to work together to incorporate different exercises that will maintain the strength in his body, target cardio, and also get him into the game!

We asked Mohammad what he would say to others who could be experiencing the same thing as him, this is what he said,

“Have your injuries or ongoing symptoms assessed by a professional rather than masking it with pain medication. Often times the solution is simpler than you’d think.”

Our team at Longevity Nexum agrees tenfold with Mohammad’s words. Especially with something as common as lower back pain, it is truly impressive how quickly our team can get that pain to dissipate. It is a reminder that with the right guidance, determination, and community, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals.

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