• Longevity Nexum Team Members: Easter Traditions

    With Easter weekend approaching we wanted to take this time share our family Easter traditions, and what our team will be up to this upcoming weekend!  Kelly's Family Easter Traditions Easter traditions with my family growing up consisted of an easter egg hunt in the morning, followed by brunch, and a turkey dinner to end the night. As my sister and I got older the hunt went from finding chocolate eggs…
  • International Day Of Happiness

    On March 20th we celebrate International Day of Happiness. It’s a day to celebrate the things in life that bring you joy and to reflect on your own happiness! What does happiness look like to you? For some it may be spending time with family, doing some form of self care, or advancing in your career. Happiness does not only consist of feelings of joy, contentment, and other positive emotions,…
  • Exercising with your Family

    Spend Time With Your Family While Exercising! Exercise with your family is one of the best ways to ensure you retain your health in the long run. In Ontario, the third Monday of February is a provincial holiday known as Family Day. This is a day that is set aside to reflect on the importance of families and to celebrate with loved ones. Every family has different traditions that incorporate…
  • Mitchell’s Christmas Traditions

    During the holidays I take a break (believe it or not) from our private clinic treating low back pain, perfecting my deadlifts, personal training and the gym as a whole. Here’s what I get up to instead: Walking the dogs During the Canadian winter, with snow capping the trees and frozen lakes, walking the dogs is one of my favourite things to do with a bit of free time. My standard…
  • The Best Ways to Exercise With Your Family

    As Longevity Nexum Kinesiologists, we are experts in exercise prescription. While your mind might go to our courses at University and the Canadian movement guidelines, we think of ourselves as the experts to work around your life to create a strategy to keep you moving regularly, preventing pains, chronic disease and delaying the effects of aging. One of the most challenging periods for regular movement is the holiday season. With…

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