• Moms, we are here for you!

    Life is a beautiful journey, and as you approach your 50s with wonderful kids thriving in school, it’s time to put your health and needs as number 1 on the priority list. It's not uncommon to feel a little uneasy about changes happening in your body, especially as you navigate the pre-menopausal age. But remember, this is a new chapter filled with opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and a healthier you.…
  • Kinesiologist vs Personal Trainer: Who can help me best?

    Here at Longevity Nexum, Barrie Ontario, we are a team of Registered Kinesiologists and Exercise Physiologists. An alternative profession that we often get confused with is a Personal Trainer. Although personal training is an important and utilized service at Longevity Nexum, we would like to outline some key differences between both professions and when you would use one versus the other. Personal trainers and kinesiologists are two types of professionals…
  • Who do Kinesiologists help?

    At Longevity Nexum in Barrie, we have Kinesiologists working with a variety of people. From office workers with low back pain, to middle aged women looking to lose weight, to teachers with shoulder pain to veterans recovering from active duty. We are even happy to help anyone looking for a private exercise space to have a personal trainer guide them how to improve strength, fitness and long term health outcomes.…

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