• The Importance of Balance Training & Exercise In Fall Prevention

    As we age our risk of falling increases, and so does our fear of falling again… In Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults, with 20-30% of seniors experiencing one or more falls each year. Falls also cause 85% of seniors' injury-related hospitalizations, 95% of all hip fractures, and over one third of seniors are admitted to long-term care following hospitalization for a fall. The first…
  • Providing a New Meaning of Movement for Life

    “Providing a New Meaning of Movement for Life” Our team at Longevity Nexum, downtown Barrie, has created a new vision statement. We wanted something that would embody our morals, beliefs, and attitude. We needed something to encompass our outstanding "WHY" we do what we do. Our team of Registered Kinesiologists and Exercise Physiologists want to provide Canadians with a new meaning of movement that takes their whole health into consideration.…

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