As Longevity Nexum Kinesiologists, we are experts in exercise prescription. While your mind might go to our courses at University and the Canadian movement guidelines, we think of ourselves as the experts to work around your life to create a strategy to keep you moving regularly, preventing pains, chronic disease and delaying the effects of aging.

One of the most challenging periods for regular movement is the holiday season. With family around, last minute shopping to get done and the kids home from school, it can be difficult to find the time for yourself for your usual routine. Here are our best tips to stay moving the incorporate your family:

Cut down your own Christmas tree

Heading out to cut down your own tree is a great, fun way to get out moving with the whole family. Longevity Director Mitchell and his Fiancee cutting down their own Christmas Tree

Play with the kids

With endless energy, kids can (temporarily) substitute your exercise routine. Building a snowman, the next best winter fort or playing active games around the house can help to keep you in shape (warning – it may also remind you that you’re not as young as you once were)

Go for a family walk

In an age where quality time is getting harder and phones/TV’s always seem to be the star of any conversation, going for a walk can be a great way to get quality time in with your family.

Create a step challenge

One of the most effective ways of getting everyone moving is to take a look at your smartwatches or smart phones and see what your usual step count is. Challenge your family members to hit their 10,000 step goal every day over the holidays. Make a bet with your most active family member that you’ll have a higher step count than them over the week of the 25th.

Better yet, get the grandparents moving as well! Challenge them to move half as much as the kids. 

Get your loved ones to the gym with you

With January right around the corner, everyone is looking to make a change to improve themselves. Get your wife, husband, friends and family to start going to the gym with you. This way you won’t be taking yourself away from everyone and you’ll be making a positive impact in the life of your loved ones.

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