What an exciting time it is to be a fresh grad, looking to start your first full-time job in a field you’ve spent years studying for and preparing yourself to enter. However, it’s important to note that, while exciting, this time of your life may also be quite daunting. Today, we have asked our Registered Kinesiologist, Chelsey, a recent new grad, to share her experience navigating this reality which led to her working at Longevity Nexum. 

The Longevity Nexum Team – Chelsey, Mel and Mitchell

Hi! My name is Chelsey, and I started with Longevity Nexum at the beginning of June this year. What a great time it has been so far! As a recent new grad, I was in search for a job where I could utilize, and improve upon, the skills I had been learning throughout my undergrad.  

I had just come back from an overseas grad trip when I began studying for, and eventually wrote, the Registered Kinesiology Exam. During this time, I found myself trying to envision the kind of workplace I wanted to find myself in. Fast forward to the day I received the results that I had passed the Kinesiology exam – that same day, Longevity Nexum had posted that they were looking for another Kinesiologist for their team! The timing was nothing short of ideal. 

From day one, I have received unwavering support from the Longevity Nexum team, both in Canada and Australia. It was clear from the start that these individuals were just one phone call away for any questions I had. Ultimately, the complete support and values behind the team at Longevity Nexum provided me with 100% certainty that this is the workplace I wanted to find myself in.

Throughout university, there is almost this mindset that you must be your own support system to get the work done, and get it done in a specific way. Well, I can tell you that this mindset was very quickly abandoned once I started with Longevity! 

Looking back to the onboarding process, as a new grad, and this being my first full time position as a Kinesiologist, I was nervous … but not for long. The onboarding process was very thorough with clear expectations and constant support from the team. I had weekly onboarding meetings with our co-director, Jarrat Wood, as well as weekly meetings with my manager, Mel Williams. Being 5 months in, I now know that the onboarding process has not only allowed me to develop my clinical skills, but it has cultivated an amazing opportunity for personal growth.  

 At our most recent quarterly meeting, I was asked what the best lessons at Longevity have been to help me grow to where I am now. My answer was simple: 

If you feel you are in over your head, then you are where you need to be. 

Since I have started, it has been abundantly clear that I can grow and become who and what I want to be. I have learned how to be comfortably uncomfortable because I know that means growth is just around the corner. Longevity has given me an opportunity, one that I did not think was available, to keep growing. 

I could not recommend Longevity Nexum enough. Not only will you be part of a community that offers unwavering support, but you will be part of a community that is always striving for the best for you and their clients. As I look ahead, I am eager to continue my journey at Longevity Nexum and unlock my full potential. Oh, how exciting it is! 


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