At Longevity Nexum in Barrie, we have Kinesiologists working with a variety of people. From office workers with low back pain, to middle aged women looking to lose weight, to teachers with shoulder pain to veterans recovering from active duty. We are even happy to help anyone looking for a private exercise space to have a personal trainer guide them how to improve strength, fitness and long term health outcomes. Not only do we help people in Barrie, we also service residents of Essa, Midhurst, Oro and Orillia.

This begs the question… how do you know if you’re the right person for us to help? Thankfully, the answer is simple:

If you are ready for exercise, looking to improve your health and you’re looking for the most educated exercise staff in Barrie, you’re the right person for the Kinesiologists at Longevity Nexum.

If you have any further questions, call us on (905) 244-3075 or send an email to If you want to look at our availability, head over to the booking page to check our availability.