Are you taking care of your health or has it slipped down your list of priorities? It’s easy to put work, and everyone else first, but who is going to take care of you?

When you neglect your health, it doesn’t just affect you; it affects your entire family. When you’re not at your best, it’s hard to show up each day as a father, husband, provider, or friend. 

Prioritizing your health is an investment in yourself. It will give you the strength, and resilience to navigate life’s challenges! Your children look up to you as a role model. By prioritizing your health you will set a powerful example for your family. You’re showing the importance of self-care, and helping to create a healthier and happier environment for your family! 

Incorporating regular exercise into your weekly routine is essential for maintaining good health and in the prevention of chronic diseases. In fact in Canada, men aged 65+ are more likely to be newly diagnosed with these chronic diseases compared to women the same age: hypertension, diabetes and heart failure. By implementing exercise into your routine and a few lifestyle changes you can reduce your risk of developing one of these chronic diseases!

Regular exercise can also boost energy levels and improve overall stamina. Making it easier for you to chase after your children, play sports with them as they age, and manage household chores after a long day at work. This will ensure that you can continue to participate in activities with your family and make lasting memories!

At Longevity Nexum our Kinesiologists work 1-1 with you to help improve your health span and overall quality of life. To ensure that you can enjoy many more years with your loved ones, and continue to be the amazing Dad that you are!