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What is a kinesiologist?

A kinesiologist is a health care professional prescribing exercise as medicine to recover from injury, manage a chronic condition, improve athletic performance or simply help you safely achieve your health and fitness goals.

Can I use private health rebates for my session?

Kinesiologists are recognised by most major private insurers in Canada. Check your policy to see if Kinesiology is included in your benefits.

Will my health care spending account cover exercise physiology?

Yes! For those lucky enough to be offered healthcare spending accounts by their employer, kinesiology is an option.

What should I expect in my initial session with a kinesiologist?

Your session will begin with an interview to find out why you have come to see us, what you’d like to achieve, the barriers to get there and to clear you for exercise. You will then undergo physical assessment, which is highly individualised depending on your interview. This could include range of motion, strength testing, aerobic testing or movement testing. After your assessments are complete, your practitioner will give you your “strategy”, or the plan to get you from point A to point B.


What should I wear?

You should wear clothes that do not restrict movement and that you would be comfortable to use for any physical assessment. Clothing you would wear to the gym is often most appropriate.

How can I pay for the session?

We accept all cards and payment is taken at the end of each session.

What is the difference between a kinesiologist, exercise physiologist and a personal trainer?

Kinesiologists and exercise physiologists are health professionals who have a minimum of 4 year university degrees in human movement an are qualified to work with people who have underlying health conditions or injuries. The major difference is simply the governing body in which the practitioner has their registration. Personal trainers are fitness professionals certified after completing a course, often taking place over a few weekends. They are qualified to work with healthy populations with no chronic conditions managed with medication.

Do you communicate with doctors and physiotherapists?

Yes! We see ourselves as the “GP’s of allied health”. We will communicate with everyone involved in your care, from your doctor to your physiotherapist, dietitian to your chiropractor. In order to care for you best, you need a coordinated team.

I’m not injured or in pain, and I don’t have a chronic condition. What is there to work on?

This is arguably the best time to come see us. We believe prevention is the best cure. We are happy to work on any health and fitness goals. It is never too early to start, and getting working with a kinesiologist/exercise physiologist to improve sport performance, maintain long term independence, prevent injuries or simply safely manage your exercise routine will pay dividends for decades to come!

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