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In 2010, Longevity Australia founder Jarrat Wood was working as a personal trainer when he noticed an issue with the gap in care between fitness and health. The options available in Australia were for inpatient care if you found yourself extremely unwell, or a standard personal trainer to work on your aesthetics and fitness goals.

This was the inception of Longevity as we know it today. University educated Kinesiologists, ready to put your health first. Equipped to deal with any chronic disease, medical condition or unique circumstance to create meaningful goals for your life and give you the path to get there.

In 2017, while working as a head strength and conditioning coach for a Canadian professional basketball team, Longevity Nexum founder Mitchell Hooper recognized the same issue in Canada. This took him to Australia to complete his masters degree in Exercise Physiology, with the aim to bring the idea of exercise as medicine back to Canada. 2018 brought Mitchell’s clinical placements, the first of which was Longevity Australia. This immediately fit like a glove and there was no looking back.

With dramatic growth over the 3 years Mitchell worked with Longevity Australia, along with the culture created among not just the staff, but the clients as well, he knew this was the model that Canada needs.

In the spring of 2022 Longevity Nexum was born in Barrie, Ontario. We are providing personalized exercise prescription for health. We are decreasing blood pressure, increasing strength, reducing feelings of fatigue and improving long term outcomes of osteoporosis. We are improving cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions. Most importantly, we are helping people change their lifestyle to prevent chronic disease from creeping up as they move into their middle aged years and beyond.

The best time to get started was yesterday, and the second best time is today. We want to help you take a step in the right direction and give you the life you deserve not just for today, but for tomorrow. 

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