Our vision at Longevity Nexum located in Barrie, Ontario to change the attitude toward life death and disease by using personalized exercise prescription to manage chronic disease, injuries or simply to improve the health and quality of life of all Canadians.

During the personal training sessions with a Kinesiologists, we value the importance of providing each client with tools and resources to maintain optimal health for long-term. Training outside our sessions is just as important in order to stay on track with your goals, especially during the holidays. Physical activity can easily be put on the back burner during these busy times with family and friend gatherings, travel and social events. Here are a few tips on how to stay moving during the holidays.

Find a family member or friend to stay accountable

The holiday season can get overwhelming at times where your priority list is never-ending and your personal time can get neglected or you might feel like you could be doing something else. Having another person with your during your training sessions can keep you motivated and stay on track.

Schedule time for physical activity

Your schedule may look jam packed with events, dinners and travel which may seem impossible to find time to be active. Take the time to schedule at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day whether it’s a quick workout, walk or fun family activity such as tobogganing.

Involve family and friends

Finding time for yourself may be a challenge especially if kids are off from school and you have more time off work. Ask your family or friends to join to you for a fun activity where you can keep active while spending time with your loved ones. Check out this blog for The best ways to exercise with family.

Longevity Kinesiologist Mel going for a walk with her familyPlan ahead

Travelling can add a huge limitation during the holiday season but it is not excuse to avoid physical activity. Prior to your departure, research the area you are travelling to and seek out potentially walking/running routes and gyms/rec centers you can utilize during your time there. Consider investing in some resistance bands that you can easily pack and transport and use in any location.

 Find a holiday fun run or event

Many organizations and charity groups are always looking to host fun holiday events such as fun runs. This is an excellent way to ensure you will stay moving and a perfect opportunity to encourage physical activity while spending time with family and friends.